Sustainable mobility challenge

The world has committed to global climate goals as nations, cities and regions, companies and organisations have backed the Paris 2015 Agreement. Sweden, for one, has committed to a fossil independent transportation sector before 2030. To reach this goal, new products and services that are clean and relevant to the needs of consumers are key. The Sustainable Mobility Challenge invites solution providers to contribute with innovative and profitable alternatives that drive change. Sweden invites the world to help unlock the challenges of sustainable and better transportation for all.

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Sustainable Mobility Challenge


About A Challenge
from Sweden

To effectively address the global climate challenge, Sweden has spent time and effort engaging local stakeholders willing to take the lead across the country, to ensure that solutions are designed to support employers, property owners and end-users. This challenge envisions a future where car ownership is not necessary but where transportation is clean, affordable, convenient and accessible on a digital platform.

It is essential to balance the expectations of consumers, while spurring innovation and investment in suppliers who can help realize the shared goal, which is a global one.

A Challenge from Sweden is an initiative by the Swedish Energy Agency that promotes challenge-driven innovation for the climate goals committed to in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.



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